Mikayla McVey, touring songwriter, says about a previous retreat with Chris at the Jughandle Creek Farm in Mendocino—

"Songwriting minicourse was the beginning of my life as a songwriter. The gift of time– time to wander and listen and free associate with other musicians, nature, the imagination– this is what was so precious to me about Jughandle. I'm reminded of it at times when touring... the delight of having one job to do each day: play music! And everything in between serving that end: rich conversation, walks in the outdoors, instruction and inspiration from songwriters with more experience and wisdom."

To see a video of Mikayla performing one of her songs, click here.

Prolific songwriter Will Redford Zesiger has participated in retreats with Chris and Jim three times.  He writes:

“My songwriting retreats with Chris Alexander and Jim Baldwin have truly changed my life. As two veteran teachers, they know how to create an atmosphere conducive to creativity, reflection and growth. During these retreats, I found my voice as a songwriter and deepened my passion for music. I couldn’t recommend this retreat any higher.”

To hear one of Will's songs click here.

Musician, composer and producer Bryn Bliska writes:

My first songwriting retreat with Chris & Jim came at a pivotal time in my artistic development. Under their mentorship and in the honest, compassionate and inspiring community they fostered, I was able to open up more to myself and to others than ever before in my writing and performance. An English student of both, I also benefited from their guidance as master teachers, artists and writers throughout my high school years. They are incredibly kind and caring, with incisive eyes and ears that will help you think and feel more deeply as you create, share, and collaborate —  no matter your level of experience. Whether you are new to the craft or a seasoned songsmith, I cannot recommend their retreats highly enough!

Her music webpage is here and her song Happy Birthday is here.

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